African Braiding

The Braiding technique that I use has been perfected over many years. I add a specific type of synthetic hair to your own hair, this hair is specially designed for Braiding and has a crimped affect so that the hair can be braided in tightly with no unruly strands poking out. This hair not only creates a braid that is the same thickness from roots to ends, but also, length can be easily extended onto your own hair, or, if you choose you can keep the length you already have. The synthetic hair is still added when maintaining your own length. The hair comes in a wide range of colours so it can be matched to your own hair colour perfectly, or if you choose you can add fashion shades of pinks, blues, purples etc.
Once the hair is braided in, I use a heat pincher to seal the ends. This is synthetic hair remember so there is no damage to your own hair. The whole process takes an entire day (9 hours) but well worth it. It looks amazing and certainly a head turner.
Your own hair must be at least 5 inches long in order for the synthetic hair to get a good grip and not slip out. Once in, it will last as long as you want it to. Depending on how fast you hair grows, you may decide to have the top section re-braided after 3 months or so for longevity.
After the first 2 weeks the hair begins to soften and feel just like your own hair, there is no need for anybody to know that you have synthetic hair entwined in there.  You only need to wash your hair once a week or less than that if you can with any normal shampoo but being careful not to use anything that has a high protein base as this will soften the hair too much. A squeeze with a towel and that's it, no blow drying, no styling! You can cut the foot off a stay up stocking making it into a tube and put his on your hair overnight to keep the braids together and to prevent them rubbing.
The Braiding technique that I use does not damage the hair at all, there are no glues or waxes used.
Above Waist Length
Mid Back Length
Shoulder Length
Cornrow or Top Replacement
Cornrow or Braid Own Hair Using Elastic Bands On Ends
One Braid Replacement
For Braiding I Will Service All Eastern Suburbs!